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Plain Language Basics


Speak and write so more people understand you.










If you communicate with clients, you need plain language

Every day Australians have to understand and use information to make decisions about their lives.  This information is often too complex.

About 50 percent of your clients may struggle to understand and use information to make decisions. But you can’t tell which ones!

A great way to avoid this problem is to communicate in plain everyday language with all your clients. But we don’t mean dumbing your message down. We mean using specific strategies to deliver a sophisticated message simply.

Young and old, expert or newbie, native speaker or not. Research suggests plain language works for everyone.

When you use simple, accurate language you make it easier for more clients to understand you and make informed decisions.

Plain Language Basics gives you the strategies you need to communicate in plain language. It also gives you plenty of practice using these strategies through fun, targeted activities.

Plain Language Basics covers written and spoken communication. It includes a bonus section on how to effectively check what someone understands from what you say.

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Course Overview

Plain Language Basics covers the basics of written and spoken plain language communication and how to check understanding in a conversation with clients.
In this course you will:
  • review your current plain language skills and learn new ones
  • identify how to speak and write in plain language and then practice doing it
  • identify how to check understanding effectively

You’ll also get a clear, actionable framework to make your communication
  • easier to understand
  • easier to act on
  • reach people who struggle to understand 
  • reach people whose first language is not English

Plain language basics: format and activities

  • clear, concise explanations of how you can communicate in plain language
  • fun activities for you to practice what you learn
  • links to many helpful resources

The course is flexible – come and go as you have time.

Small manageable sections make it easy to pick up when you return.

You can apply what you learn immediately to your work.

What do other people say about the course?

“I just really loved that there were so many activities that let me practice the skills instantly.”

“A practical and FUN way to polish and refresh my knowledge and skills. It’s actually really enjoyable– I forgot that I was doing training.”

Course Pricing – $59

Number of licences


1 – 50

$59 ea


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 The course takes about 30 minutes.