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We Need To Make Healthcare Easier

Research tells us more than half Australians struggle to understand their health and our health care system. These Australians have a limited understanding of their bodies and how the health system works. This Is made worse by over-complicated, jargon riddled health communication.

Our new and innovative course gives you the skills and knowledge to reduce confusion, communicate effectively and improve outcomes for your consumers.

Health Literacy Can Help

Lots of research has been done under the banner of Health Literacy in the past 10 years. This research has explored why some people get worse outcomes from the health care system and what we can do about it. Health literacy researchers have used this information to create a set of theories and practices that can help you:

  • Improve client understanding and confidence in making informed decisions
  • Reduce complaints
  • Improve service experience for clients who struggle to access or understand your service

Why is health literacy important?
Because health literacy can improve outcomes for your clients, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic background or ethnicity.

Why Health Literacy Essentials Is different

We’ve been an Australian leader in health literacy since 2012. Every year, we train thousands of Australian workers about how to use health literacy to improve their work. We’ve combined our in-depth knowledge of health literacy research and our unique knowledge of training workers in health literacy to create our newest course Health Literacy Essentials.

Together, these factors have allowed us to create a practical, engaging online training course that helps your workers understand exactly how they can reduce the negative impacts of low health literacy.

Course Content

Health Literacy Essentials (HLE ) gives your staff the skills to communicate more effectively with consumers. HLE highlights issues caused by Low Health Literacy and provides fun and engaging activities that let your staff practice the solutions. As soon as your staff finish the course they can start using what they’ve practiced to improve their work!

Health Literacy Essentials has four sections – each building on the knowledge of the last.


  1. Health Literacy Introduction – This section compares health literacy to everyday situations. We use these comparisons to highlight what health literacy is and how it impacts health consumers.
  2. Health Literacy In Depth – This section uses a fun quiz to detail the current state of health literacy in Australia and what it means for you.
  3. Universal Precautions Approach –This section highlights the recommended approach to low health literacy through fun activities.
  4. Plain Language Communication – This section gives you the opportunity to identify and practice using plain language communication including checking shared understanding.


Using this online training, you can quickly develop an organisation wide understanding of health literacy with a minimum disruption to service provision. If this training is part of a wider initiative, you can leverage this training to support and maximise health literacy work at your organisation.

Some Of Our Clients

Our Health Literacy Courses

Health Literacy Essentials

Health Literacy Essentials gives practical strategies to improve spoken and written communication and gives staff opportunities to practice these skills.

It sets a clear agenda for how you can improve the way your organisation works with consumers from every background.

By improving how you work with consumers, you’ll connect with and keep new clients, meet accreditation standards and reduce complaints.

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Reach more people with plain language writing

Reach people with plain language writing is a comprehensive guide to how you can communicate with people who struggle to digest information. 

It will help you reduce information overload and remove jargon from your writing.  

Reach more people with plain language writing is concise, easy to understand and lets you practice what you learn.

Health Literacy: Spoken Communications

Coming Soon!