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Reach More People With Plain Language Writing

Course Overview

In this course you will:
  • review your current plain language skills and learn new ones
  • explore a definition for plain language, its history and how it can help you today
  • learn a mindset you can apply immediately to all your written communication
  • lots of chances to practice what you’re learning in fun, interactive activities

You’ll also get a clear, actionable framework to make your writing:
  • easier to understand
  • easier to act on
  • reach people who struggle to understand health messages
  • reach people whose first language is not English

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Reach more people with plain language writing:

format and activities

Reach more people with plain language writing includes:

  • short videos that highlight clear examples of each point
  • layouts designed for each piece of information
  • activities for you to practice what you learn
  • Excellent links to many helpful resources

The course is flexible – come and go as you have time. Small manageable sections make it easy to pick up when you return.

More than 20 fun activities help you practice and reinforce what your learn.

You can apply what you learn immediately to your work.

What do other professionals say about the course?

“It’s really accessible. I could take breaks when I wanted, I could pause and rewatch. It really let me work at my own pace.”

Helen, PhD Candidate

“It’s super helpful to have someone walk me through everything I need to do on the screen.”

Tahlia, Team Leader, Health.

“I could see how I could improve documents that I’d only recently edited.”

Susan, Communications Manager, Disability.

“It’s great to know what good and bad writing looks like from all the practical examples in the videos. The activities were quick, targeted and useful

Tom, Communications – Research Institution

“I just really loved that there were so many activities that let me practice the skills instantly.”

Natalie, Patient Information Officer, Hospital.

“A practical and FUN way to polish and refresh my knowledge and skills. It’s actually really enjoyable– I forgot that I was doing training.”

Belinda, Consumer Advisor, Regulatory Body.

“It fundamentally changes how you think about writing from the moment you do it. Thanks, I’ve been doing writing for years and I got such a lot out of this.

Jacqueline, Diversity Programs Manager, State Government.


  • QUIZ – a context for understanding  written health communication in Australia 
  • A universal precautions approach to writing – assuming at least some of your audience won’t understand
  • Plain Language Writing Defined
  • Matching your writing to your audience
  • Writing for culturally diverse audiences
  • Making your content easy to understand
  • Limiting your message
  • Headings that work hard, short sentences and paragraphs
  • Readability – measuring readability and readability tools
  • Simple images and numbers, describing risk effectively
  • Make sure readers can act on your information

  • Images, fonts, layout

Course Pricing – $179

Number of licences


1 – 50

$179 ea


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The course takes about 2 – 2.5 hours,

but it’s an awesome 2 hours.

“It’s such a great return on investment for anyone who is writing for the public

– both time and dollar investment that is”

Tahlia, Team Leader, Regional Health Service