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Why Health Literacy Now?

Health Literacy research tells us that many people struggle to understand their health and healthcare. As a result, they suffer worse health outcomes. Health Literacy research also gives us proven strategies to improve client understanding and safety.
During this health crisis, developing clear, concise messaging and checking what people understand is more important than ever.

Introducing Health Literacy Essentials

At the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH), our Health Literacy (HL) eLearning is unique. It combines the latest research with what we’ve learnt while working with healthcare managers and professionals since 2013. We’ve refined how we talk about Health Literacy in our hundreds of courses and workshops and industry consultations. The result is Australia’s leading Health Literacy eLearning product.

Health Literacy Essentials is a fun, interactive package where you can practice solutions that will:

  • Improve client understanding and confidence in making informed decisions
  • Reduce complaints
  • Improve service experience for clients who struggle to access or understand your service

“CEH’s Health Literacy Essentials eLearning is engaging, economical and creates opportunities for our staff to improve their communication with clients. We found that the module itself applies all the principles presented and we have had requests from our leaders to explore making the Health Literacy Essentials training mandatory across the organisation.
We feel confident knowing that it’s evidence based, and we’re thrilled with the flexible and responsive service we’ve received- thanks CEH online team and well done. “

Eugene Lugg

Senior Coordinator Patient Support, The Heart Foundation

Who is Health Literacy Essentials for?

Health Literacy Essentials is for anyone who wants:

  • To introduce Health Literacy to workers
  • Staff to communicate in plain language
  • To create a culture of effective written and spoken communication
  • Clinicians to check for understanding more effectively
  • Communications workers to communicate to everyone
  • To meet accreditation for Health Literacy

Ideally suited for

  • Admin staff
  • Clinicians
  • Communication Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Managers
  • Boards of directors

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‘Health Literacy Essentials’ is normally $45 per licence.

Developing specialised and engaging training courses is time consuming and expensive. Our normally modest fee of $45 per licence covers some of the development and ongoing improvement costs.

Our current clients love this course and love the pricing even more because it means that they can afford to roll out Health Literacy training to more of their staff.

Health Literacy Essentials

Purchase before June 30 and save AT LEAST 50%

During this health crisis, it’s essential that health workers provide information and deliver services that every client can understand.

Our day-to-day job is supporting our community, but we want to do even more in these difficult times. So we’ve come up with massive discounts to make our health literacy eLearning available to more organisations and their teams.

Health Literacy Essentials is now between 50% to 60% off our regular price.

To help you even more we’re including fantastic bonuses to support you to implement the training with your staff and leaders


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At CEH we have been busy training organisations in Health Literacy for many years but in these testing times we want to do more so that is why we have decided to run a one off promotion to help even more organisations take advantage of our online specialised health literacy training and roll it out to their teams.

Sales Terms

This sale is only valid till the end of June 2020.

Please purchase or make an enquiry before this date to take advantage of this offer.

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